Tiege Hanley Skincare Basics for Men

Tiege Hanley

Today we have a review of a product which I have been looking forward to use for several weeks now. Tiege Hanley makes skincare for men in a simple and uncomplicated way. I have been using Tiege Hanley level 3 for around three weeks now, and it has worked fairly well over this period. Below I have made an honest review on each of the items which come with the level 3 option; including the Wash, Scrub, Super Serum, Eye Cream, and the AM and PM moisturizers.

Daily Wash

The daily wash has honestly been a great product, it is simple and has a very nice scent, it removes excess oils well from the skin both in the mornings and evenings. It does not foam up as much as other washes, I also saw that it has reduced a lot of redness in my own face. It is a great and simple wash, and extremely easy to use.

Exfoliating Scrub

This was my favorite product available in the level 3 Tiege Hanley system. It has honestly has been working wonders for me. It is used twice a week, and it removes old skin cells so new ones are able to grow and make your skin look fresh and hydrated. The scrub has an amazing cooling effect which I loved especially in the morning to wake me up even more. This has been my favorite product in the whole level 3 system so far for sure.


The serum was something that I have personally never really used before, so I was excited to really try it out. It helps with anti-aging and tightening the skin, therefore making the appearance of pores look smaller. The serum is to be applied right after the face wash and before applying a moisturizer.

Eye Cream

The eye cream is another of my favorites and has worked well especially in the mornings. I always applied a little bit and dabbed it under my eyes and firmly rubbed it in a circular motion. It has a small burn to it which i guess really wakes you up and makes your puffiness and dark circles disappear.


The morning moisturizer has been great for me, it did not leave my skin oily at all afterwards and the 20 SPF is amazing for when you are out a lot during the day, Keeping your skin protected from the sun is key to healthy looking skin.

The PM moisturizer has been has been great for repairing and giving my skin all the great nutrients that it needs overnight. It gave the skin a great glow and also helped remove redness in my face due to the ingredients which help the skin rehabilitate over night.

How to use Tiege Hanley

The packet came with an extremely well made guide making it super simple. It tells the user how much exactly to use and in what order as seen below.

Keep in mind that Tiege is subscription based and though you can cancel at anytime, all levels of Tiege Hanley are conveniently available right here.

Final Opinion

I feel like Tiege Hanley is the perfect option for simple and easy skin care for men. It offers a variety of different systems, but level 3 really has you covered. It offers great products especially for that price! I would totally recommend using it.

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