The Justin Escalona Interview

We at, had the amazing chance to interview youtube sensation, and entrepreneur Justin Escalona. All the way from fashion and film, too YouTube and more. Check out the interview below.


Tyson Jankowiak: Now that you started daily vlogging again for December, do you have any cool trips planned, and what are you most excited about this month?
Justin Escalona: It feels really cool to be daily vlogging again. Constantly recording and trying to make my daily life entertaining is a pretty fun challenge. I’m going to be traveling A LOT this month. I’m actually typing this up while in the Uber on the way to the airport to go to Atlanta. I don’t want to spoil anything, but I’m pretty much out of town every single day this month.
Tyson Jankowiak: What is your biggest tip to young entrepreneurs wanting to make it in the fashion industry?
Justin Escalona: My biggest tip to young entrepreneurs trying to get into the fashion industry would be to tell a story with your pieces. Don’t just make a “cool” design and try to sell it. Nobody cares. There needs to be depth to it. A cool shirt is just a meaningless cool shirt, but something with a story resonates with a much bigger audience. Having a connection to the shirt I’m wearing feels way better than just buying a shirt that looks “cool”.
Tyson Jankowiak: What is your biggest regret so far with 1340?
Justin Escalona: I don’t like to look at life with regrets. There’s been good and there’s been bad but everything has been a learning experience. Everything has lead up to where I am today and I love what today has brought for me. I feel like if you focus too much on the past instead of the future, you’ll always be stuck behind.
Tyson Jankowiak: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Justin Escalona: I don’t even know where I see myself in the next hour. To ask me where I want to be in the next 5 years is a pretty insane question. It’s only been 4 years since I created 1340 and I had no idea I’d be here. I like to live day by day and enjoy every second. Life is a crazy ride and I want to soak it all in. If I spend too much time thinking about 5 years from now, I’ll miss out on now.
Tyson Jankowiak: Having experienced Austria not long back, would you ever consider living in Europe?
Justin Escalona: I absolutely love Austria. I actually talk about this with my girlfriend all the time. If there was any other place in the world besides LA, I would 100% move to Austria. The vibe is so cool there. There’s so much culture and it’s pretty affordable to live there. Right as of now though, my roots and businesses are tied to LA and it wouldn’t make sense for me to leave. The time difference is brutal and would really hurt me.
Tyson Jankowiak: Do you still feel the same way about Los Angeles as you did back when you were dying to move out to LA from Palatine?
Justin Escalona: When I wake up every single day, I cannot believe that I actually live here in LA. This is a dream to me. The fact that I have such a nice apartment and get to live with my friends has always been my goal. Being able to just hang out and do whatever I want on a daily basis makes me so damn happy. Growing up in Palatine was sweet because all of my friends would sit and talk about how we NEEDED to move to LA. Now that we’re here and actually doing it, it’s amazing.
Tyson Jankowiak:  Do you suggest film school?
Justin Escalona: If you want to learn about film you don’t necessarily need to go to film school. I’d say if you’re someone who has aboslutey ZERO knowledge about cameras and film, do not go to film school. You should look up as many YouTube tutorials as possible about how to use a camera, THEN go to film school. You shouldn’t go to film school to learn the basics. You should go there to enhance what you already know. At USC it wasn’t about who was technically the best with cameras, it was all about who was the best at telling stories. Learning to be a storyteller is much different than being a good videographer.
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