Exercise: Best Cardio to Lose Fat and Stay Fit


There are a lot of fat loss methods, one of them being cardio, which is short for cardiovascular exercise. The Easystylesite team has decided to give you the best tips to shred those extra pounds you gained over the summer. 

What is Cardio?

Cardio also known as aerobic exercise, requires the body to use fat as a fuel in simple terms. Which makes it obvious that in order to lose fat, some degree aerobic exercise needs to be done. The ideal time would be between 15 and 20 minutes, in order to burn the most of fat during a session. 

Aerobic activities can include:

  • -Rowing
  • -Running
  • -Walking
  • -Cycling

Benefits of Cardio Exercise

Cardiovascular exercises come with a number of benefits. Not only burning fat but, also for a healthier life and lifestyle.

Aerobic exercise (regardless of intensity) will help to:

  • -Strengthen the muscles involved in respiration, to assist lung function.
  • -Increase the total number of red blood cells in the body, to enable greater      oxygen facilitation throughout the body.
  • -Strengthen the heart muscle, which will improve resting heart and pumping efficiency.
  • -Reduce stress and tension, and increase mental well-being.
  • -Increase circulation throughout all areas of the body.
  • -Increase self-esteem.

Best Type of Cardio

The best type of cardio to lose fat is a HIIT (High intensity interval training) routine. This includes being active for some time then resting for time and repeating this for several cycles. The moment you are active you have to give your maximum though. As an example, sprint as fast as you can for two minutes then take a minute rest or a minute of walking. Do this several times over and over, ideally between 15 to 20 minutes.

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